Take a look to the Smart Travelling for Electric Vehicle use case page, for an example of MECA utilization in a real life complex environment.

Key Features

  • Modular and extensible framework for projects related to human-machine interaction.
  • Integrated decision-making support.
  • Allows autonomous CPSs alone.
  • Provides situation awareness execution for CPSs.


  • Software developers for CPSs that require human interaction.

Benefits for the User

  • Enables fast prototyping for human-machine applications.
  • Allows customers to solve more complex problems with the human in the loop.
  • Increases the efficiency of human-robot teams.


  • High level model describing the actors’ capabilities.
  • Interfaces for commanding CPSs.


  • Plan for coordinated execution for the human-robot team.
  • Explanation of the decisions made by the system.

Role in the CERBERO Toolchain

  • MECA is the interface between CPSs and the user, allowing the user to be part of the system-in-the-loop.

Tool Highlight

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