News and Events

News & Events

September 23 2019

CPS Summer School 2019

Also this year we will be in Alghero at the CPS Summer School with presentations and tutorials of the CERBERO toolchain.

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June 27 2019


CERBERO will support the COWOMO 2019 workshop. The event will take place at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain on June 27-28 2019.

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May 14 2019

CERBERO General Assembly Meeting

CERBERO General Assembly held from 14th to 16th of May 2019, hosted by TNO, Helmond, The Netherlands.

March 25 2019

University Booth at DATE 2019

CERBERO had three demonstrators at the University Booth at DATE 2019 Conference.

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January 23 2019

DeCPS: Safety and Security in Industry 4.0 at Hipeac

F. Regazzoni (Università della Svizzera italiana) will give a presentation on “Security Challenges in CPS” at Hipeac (Valencia, Spain).

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January 21 2019

DAS-CPS: Design of adaptive and secure CPS

CERBERO partners held a tutorial on Design of adaptive and secure CPS at Hipeac 2019 Conference in Valencia (Spain), on January 21 2019.

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January 8 2019

CERBERO General Assembly Meeting

CERBERO General Assembly held from 8th to 10th of January 2019, hosted by Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland.

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November 22 2018

Presentation at IETR

Karol Desnos (INSA Rennes) presented “Energy Optimized Sensor-based Adaptivity on Heterogeneous Platforms” at IETR, Rennes (France).

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November 20 2018

Presentation at Nokia Bell Labs

Maxime Pelcat (INSA Rennes) presented “Models of Architecture” at Nokia Bell Labs, Paris Saclay (France).

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September 17 2018

CPS Summer School 2018

CERBERO partners presented lectures and tutorials at CPS Summer School 2018 in Alghero (Italy), from 17th to 21th of September 2018.

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September 13 2018

IWES 2018

CERBERO partners presented “Providing Advanced Adaptivity in Cyber-Physical Systems with Multi-Grain Reconfiguration” at IWES, Siena (Italy), 13 – 14 September 2018.

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July 10 2018

CERBERO General Assembly Meeting

CERBERO General Assembly held from 10th to 12th of July 2018, hosted by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Madrid, Spain.

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June 20 2018

SIE 2018

Carlo Sau (University of Cagliari) and Francesca Palumbo (University of Sassari) presented their work and CERBERO at SIE 2018, in Naples (Italy).

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June 7 2018


CERBERO supported the COWOMO 2018 workshop. The event took place in Rennes, France on June 7-8 2018.

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May 30 2018

Wednesday seminar @UPM-CEI

Tiziana Fanni (University of Cagliari) presented “Multi-Grain Reconfiguration for Advanced Adaptivity in Cyber-Physical Systems” at UPM-CEI, in Madrid (Spain).

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May 27 2018

ISCAS 2018

Francesca Palumbo (University of Sassari) presented ““Design for Low-Power IoT Systems: Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Acceleration Units” at ISCAS 2018, in Florence (Italy), from 27th to 30th of May.

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May 8 2018

Computing Frontiers 2018

Daniel Madroñal (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) presented “Automatic Instrumentation of Dataflow Applications using PAPI” at Computing Frontiers 2018, Ischia (Italy), 08-10 May 2018.

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April 10 2018

Design of adaptive and secure CPS At CPSWeek 2018

CERBERO partners held a tutorial on Design of adaptive and secure CPS at CPSWeek 2018 in Porto (Protugal), on April 10 2018.

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February 12 2018

CERBERO General Assembly Meeting

CERBERO General Assembly held from 12th to 14th of February 2018, hosted by IBM Research in Haifa, Israel.

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December 12 2017

Dataflow Workshop

CERBERO partners partecipated to the Dataflow Workshop, organized at Rennes (France) from 12th to 14th December 2017.

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September 25 2017

CPS Summer School 2017

CERBERO partners have given lectures CERBERO findings and topics at the at CPS Summer School 2017, held in Alghero (Italy), from 25th to 29th of September 2017.

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September 7 2017

IWES 2017

Tiziana Fanni (Università degli Studi di Cagliari) presented “Dynamic Trade-Off Management for CPS” at IWES, Rome (Italy), 7-8 September 2017.

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July 8 2017

WMSCI 2017

Leszek Kaliciak (Ambiesense Ltd) presented “Unified Hybrid Image Retrieval System with Continuous Relevance Feedback” at WMSCI 2017, Orlando (USA), 8-11 July 2017.

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July 4 2017

CERBERO General Assembly Meeting

CERBERO General Assembly held from 4th to 6th of July 2017, hosted by Centro Ricerche Fiat in Turin, Italy.

June 22 2017

SIE 2017

Carlo Sau (University of Cagliari) participated to SIE 2017 that took place in Palermo (Italy) from 21th to 23th June 2017

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June 21 2017

ISAmI 2017

Leszek Kaliciak (Ambiesense Ltd) presented “Content-Based Image Retrieval in Augmented Reality” at ISAmI 2017, Porto (Portugal), 21-23 June 2017.

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June 12 2017

ReCoSoC 2017

Leonardo Suriano (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) presented “Analysis of a Heterogeneous Multi-Core, Multi-HW-Accelerator-Based System Designed Using PREESM and SDSoC” at ReCoSoC 2017, Madrid (Spain), 12-14 June 2017.

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February 15 2017

ICT1 – Cluster Kick-Off

CERBERO Core Team members (Michael Masin – IBM Research, Israel; Francesca Palumbo – University of Sassari, Italy; Francesco Regazzoni – Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland; Katiuscia Zedda – Abinsula Srl, Italy) participated to ICT1 – Cluster Kick-Off, Brussels (Belgium), 15 February 2017. CERBERO and the other 3 projects funded by the European Commission under ICT01 call of the H2020 framework participated to the CPS Cluster Kick-off Event in the DGConnect premises in Brussels. The goal was to start establishing contact with the other CPS related projects founded in the ICT1 call. The general aim of this group of people is start planning cross-fertilization actions among projects to maximize the impact of each single project and meet the expectation of the EU Commission. More info.

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January 30 2017

Road2CPS – CPS concentration meeting

The scientific coordinator Francesca Palumbo (University of Sassari) and the Innovation Manager Katiuscia Zedda (Abinsula Srl) participated to Road2CPS in Brussels (Belgium), 30 January 2017.
The goal was to start establishing contact with the CPS community that has been building in the last few years by the Road2CPS team.

January 11 2017

CERBERO Kick-Off Meeting

CERBERO Kick Off Meeting held from 11th to 13th of January 2017, Hosted by University of Sassari.

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