Take a look at Just in Time HW Composition using IMPRESS

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Key Features

  • Module relocation
  • Reconfigurable to reconfigurable communications.
  • Stacking of multiple modules in a clock region.
  • Hierarchical reconfiguration.
  • Decouples the static and reconfigurable designs.
  • Provides LUT-based components for faster reconfiguration
  • Run-time support for building 2D reconfigurable architectures


  • Hardware engineers with little experience designing reconfigurable systems.
  • Hardware engineers targeting regular 2D mesh-type reconfigurable architectures.

Benefits for the User

  • Enables the design of complex reconfigurable architectures (i.e., 2D mesh-type reconfigurable architectures) with modules containing LUT-based components.
  • Enables just-in-time hardware composition.


  • Static and reconfigurable HDL source files.
  • Virtual architecture description.
  • Module interface descriptions (optional).


  • Static and reconfigurable partial bitstreams.

Role in the CERBERO Toolchain

  • Enables just-in-time hardware composition by allowing to build regular 2D mesh-type architectures on the fly
  • Reduces memory footprint in ARTICo3 partial bitstreams.

Tool Highlight

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