Self-Healing System for Planetary Exploration

The objective of this use case is twofold. On one side it focuses on a single unique embedded CPS; while, on the other, it focuses on its integration with other systems of a planetary exploration mission. The use case focus on the future planetary exploration rover, which will be the first mission to combine the capability to move across the surface and to study future planetary exploration at depth. The primary goal is to provide self-monitoring and self- healing capabilities by means of high performance sensor pro-cessing techniques, triggering dynamic reconfiguration of the embedded computing system to overcome the failures caused by the radiation or the harsh environmental conditions. The second objective focuses on a wider scenario taking into account the SoS typical of a planetary exploration scenario, which has different actors and system contributing to the final objectives, i.e. astronauts, supporting satellites, earth control station, exploration rovers and other support facilities among others. CERBERO is mainly conceived to define self-healing and self-adaptive processing systems capable of operating in such a critical environment.

The CERBERO Toolchain for Self-Healing System for Planetary Exploration