Self-Healing System for Planetary Exploration

 Scenario Description

This use case focus on the future planetary exploration rover, which will be the first mission to combine the capability to move across the surface and to study future planetary exploration at depth. The primary goal is to provide self-monitoring and self- healing capabilities, triggering dynamic reconfiguration of the embedded computing system to overcome the failures caused by the radiation or the harsh environmental conditions. In this scenario, CERBERO tools and technologies help developers to design and implement self-healing and self-adaptive processing systems capable of operating in such a critical environment.

Scenario Challenges
  • Computing level early stage design space exploration and components deployment, with the adoption of model-based design tools and the implementation of reconfigurable hardware accelerators
  • Multi-objective runtime optimisation, where multiple KPIs and user commands are considered in order to calculate motion trajectories
  • Runtime computing level adaptation, by monitoring theinternal status of the processing platform and the evironment during the operation and triggering reconfiguration when needed

The CERBERO Solution

Toolchain for Self-Healing System for Planetary Exploration

To solve the mentioned challenges, TASE adopted a number of tools in order to implement the design and run time functionalities: PREESM and SPIDER (INSA), PAPIFY and ARTICo³ (UPM) and MDC (UNISS, UNICA). For realisation of the adaptation loop the CERBERO adaptation skeleton and methodology for handling multiple KPIs was applied. The methodologies and tools developed in this Use Case have been integrated into a robotic arm controlling platform demonstrator.

Design-Time Support
Run-Time Support

Planetary Exploration Demonstrating Video

In the Planetary Exploration use case a robot control unit for a robotic arm was develop. It was possible to integrate CERBERO tools and technologies in the system to design the scenario for the Planetary Exploration use case and implement the self-adaptive runtime strategies. In the video an overview is given of the Planetary Exploration use case and how CERBERO technologies and tools were used to develop the use case.

Use Case Video

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