Edo Loenen

He holds a PhD degree in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, with a
specialization in astrophysics, from the University in Groningen. After
spending a couple years as a researcher at the University of Leiden, he
joined S[&]T in 2012 as systems engineer and project manager. Currently
he is the group leader of the Decision Support Solutions group at S[&]T.
He has more than 6 years of experience in managing R&D projects, many of
which were international collaborations, including FP7 and H2020
projects. He is the project manager for S[&]T in this project.

Leo Breebaart

He received his PhD in Computer science (2003) and his MSc in applied
Computer science (1989). He has over 20 years of professional relevant
IT experience, of which more than 5 years on- site NATO experience. He
has worked on many different projects, mainly in the areas of decision
support, situational awareness research, and interoperability. He
fulfills roles ranging from project manager to technical lead and is
also responsible for developing the S&T Decision Support Tools program.
Prior to his positions at S&T and TNO D&V, He worked at the Delft
University of Technology as a PhD student and later as a research
scientist in the Parallel and Distributed Systems group of the Computer
Science faculty, researching and developing compiler technology for high
performance systems and parallel computing.

Bas Pijnacker Hordijk

He obtained his MSc degree in Aerospace Engineering (2016) at Delft
University of Technology, specializing in aircraft control and
simulation. In addition, he has worked on several short-term software
engineering projects related to parametric engineering design and
computational geometry, as well as computer vision. Since 2017 he has
been working at S[&]T as a scientific software engineer, primarily in
the field of scientific data processing..

Pablo Muñoz

He received his PhD in Space Technology (2016) at University of Alcalá,
funded by the European Space Agency under the Networking/Partnering
Initiative project entitled "Cooperative Systems for Autonomous
Exploration Missions". Engineer in Computer Science (2009) and masters
in Space Technology and Science (2010), his research is focused on
autonomous controllers, applying Artificial Intelligence techniques such
as Planning & Scheduling and intelligent execution to robotics. He is
member of the Intelligent Systems Group at University of Alcalá, where
he collaborated in industrial and research projects funded by the
Spanish government, FP7 and H2020. After a year as postdoctoral
researcher and professor at the University of Alcalá he started to work
for S[&]T as a research engineer.