Leo Breebaart

He received his PhD in Computer science (2003) and his MSc in applied Computer science (1989). He has over 20 years of professional relevant IT experience, of which more than 5 years on- site NATO experience. He has worked on many different projects, mainly in the areas of decision support, situational awareness research, and interoperability. He fulfils roles ranging from project manager to technical lead and is also responsible for developing the S&T Decision Support Tools programme. Prior to his positions at S&T and TNO D&V, He worked at the Delft University of Technology as a PhD student and later as a research scientist in the Parallel and Distributed Systems group of the Computer Science faculty, researching and developing compiler technology for high performance systems and parallel computing.

André Bos

He received his PhD in Computer Science (1998) and MSc in Electronics / Avionics. Besides the function of director, he has been acting as senior consultant, business developer and project manager for numerous high-tech project in the area of remote sensing (spectroscopy), radar processing, GNSS, security, system health management, gas separation systems and two-phase flow modelling for the Oil and Gas industry. Besides this he is co-founder (2000) and director of the Science and Technology Company (S&T). Before founding the company, Andre Bos has been working at TNO (12 yrs) and Delft University of Technology (2 yrs). He has 20+ years of experience in development of high-tech including prognostic health management for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) at Boeing, ESA Galileo projects, and numerous earth observations projects for space (calibration of the GOME atmospheric science instrument), maritime and land applications. He has been the project leader for the PIMS in Space Feasibility Study (ESA/AIP) and senior technical consultant for the PIMS in Space Demonstration Study (ESA/AIP).

Yunyun Ni

She works as a Research & Development Engineer in S&T. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2015 at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and computer science of University of Twente in the research domain of "system modelling and simulation of CPS” within the EU FP7 project DESTEC project. She also holds a Master degree in Computational Engineering from University of Erlangen, Germany. Besides her academic research experience, she has been active in research and development of industrial innovative technologies.

Arthur van der Meer

Received his MSc in complex systems in physics at the VU in Amsterdam in 2003, followed by a MBA in management & finance at Maastricht School of Management in 2011. He has experience in high-tech development consultancy at TNO and Altran Technologies and lived in Surinam and France for several years. In his last role at TNO he has developed his technical EV knowledge. Currently his responsibility at S&T is project management and development of industrial R&D projects.