Key Features

  • Large scale architecture optimization in terms of input model
  • Extreme scale scheduling problem support by specialized set of decomposition algorithms and optimization pipelines
  • Extendable design


  •  System engineers
  • Software and hardware engineers

Benefits for the User

  •  Possibility to perform large- and extreme- scale DSE and find set of optimal designs with respect to user-defined objectives and constraints
  • Do not require knowledge in optimization / mathematical programming


  •  SysML concise modelling of the architecture problem including Rhapsody, Excel models and KPI metrics templates.
  • JSON formatted models for scheduling
  • JSON formatted models for dataflow mapping


  • Pareto-frontier of optimal solutions in terms of input model (optimal architectures, optimal scheduling, optimal dataflow mappings)

Role in the CERBERO Toolchain

  • HW/SW optimal scheduling (integrated with PREESM and DynAA)
  • Dataflow optimization (integrated with MDC)
  • Black-box optimization (adaptive camera in Ocean Monitoring use-case)

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