CERBERO Interoperability Format (CIF)

Key Features

  • Each tool / services read and write data in its own format
  • Flat information representation with standardized API for interoperability
  • Python reference implementation for CIF API


  • System designers with interconnecting multi-view multi-tool needs
  • Designers of and managers of multi-service processing with a lot of “open world” metadata
  • Tool designers in open multi-tool environment

Benefits for the User

  • CIF enables to exchange, store, interpret, and merge metadata information in an efficient and transparent way on engineer’s level without ontology specialist. “Write in your format, I read in my format”
  • Efficient and robust data exchange, multi-tool / service processing, operation and analysis


  • Tools’ namespace schema relevant for other tools.
  • Connection between flattened properties in different namespaces.


  • Transparent information merge and update.

Role in the CERBERO Toolchain

  • Connects CERBERO tools with different semantics together, initially at design time

Tool Highlight

[Table: CIF]